Sony axe VAIO TT premium ultraportable: casualty of netbooks?

Back when we reviewed the Sony VAIO TT in November last year, we wondered out loud whether there was still a place for high-end ultraportables in a world obsessed with netbooks.  Unfortunately it looks like Sony may be wondering the same thing; according to their US team, the VAIO TT has been discontinued

Listed as out-of-stock on the Sony Style website, the company has confirmed to Engadget that the TT is no longer an active model in their range.  That means that small-screen addicts wanting a VAIO logo on their ultraportable will have to head over to the altogether more dreary VAIO W netbook.

What we don't yet know is whether the VAIO TT will see a premium ultraportable replacement (just as it replaced the much-esteemed VAIO TZ) or marks the end of the company's foray into such machines.  While it was priced – at its most packed-out specification, with dual SSDs and a Blu-ray drive among other things – in excess of $4,400, we loved it all the same.

[via Engadget]