Sony atracTable multitouch table with 3D tracking due June 2010

Remember the atracTable, the alternative to Microsoft's multitouch Surface tablet first demonstrated all the way back in October 2008?  At the time Atracsys was tentatively offering to build the hardware to order; now, having sold their technology to Sony, there's a full scale commercial launch promised, with Pocket-lint being told that Sony "is going to indutrialize a 35-inch atracTable in order to compete against the Microsoft Surface."

The atracTable's 35-inch Full HD display is larger and higher-resolution than Surface, and like the Microsoft table it can recognize objects placed on it and react accordingly.  However, Atracsys have also worked with Sony to integrate two Sony ISS XCD-V60 cameras, which together can track movement and shapes in 3D space.  The company reckons it's precise enough not only for gesture control, but to figure out the age, gender and even mood of the user.

Target audiences still seem to be retail, gaming, industrial or medical, so you probably shouldn't hold out too much hope for a domestic version.  No word on pricing, but the first commercial model should ship at the beginning of June 2010.

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