Sony announces new Airpeak drone project

Drones have become very common in recent years for all manners of uses ranging from military to civilian uses like photography. Some drones are powered by AI systems allowing them to operate without human control. Other drones are remotely controlled and require a person to help fly them. Sony has announced a new drone project under the Airpeak brand that it says falls into the field of AI robotics.

Sony offers very little real information on what it has in mind for drones under the Airpeak brand. What it is saying is that the brand reflects its aspiration to contribute to the "further involvement" and creation of "unprecedented value" using imaging and sensing technology and 3R technologies in the drone area. 3R means reality, real-time, and remote.

Airpeak aims to support the creativity of video creators "to the fullest extent possible" while contributing to the development of the entertainment industry and improving efficiency and savings in different sectors. Airpeak promises to promote the project to enable drone use with high safety and reliability levels in environments where that has been difficult in the past.

Sony says that it will post more information when available on the Airpeak website. The project is currently scheduled to launch in the spring of 2021, and as of writing, there is no real information about what Sony is cooking up on that website. Sony does note that it will soon seek partners in the professional space to collaborate on the project.

Sony has offered a very short teaser video, which can be seen above. It's hard to glean any real insight from what Sony is showing in that video. It's hard to tell if this will be a quadcopter, which is typical for commercial drones, or a more traditional helicopter design.