Sony accepting apps for PlayStation Suite dev program closed beta

We talked a bit about the PlayStation Suite program back in September when we first caught wind of the new dev program. The point of the PS Suite program is to allow the developers to make games and other apps that will run on the coming Vita portable console as well as Android devices. The PlayStation Suite SDK will allow the games to be played on Android devices that aren't Sony branded as well.

Sony has now announced that the dev program for the PlayStation Suite is accepting apps for the closed beta testing period. The SDK will use the C# programming language and will run on a C# virtual machine inside PS Certified devices and the PS Vita. The beta program goal according to Sony is to get a limited number of users into the program to get feedback to improve the SDK.

Apps are being accepted for the beta from both corporate and individual developers. Sony says not all applicants will be allowed to join the program. Apps for developers in the UK, Japan, and the US will be accepted in English. The beta SDK works on Windows machines with 32-bit XP and both versions of Windows 7. The application form for the dev program is available here. With Android and iOS gaming overtaking the PSP and DS in portable game revenue, this program could be key to increasing Sony's share of the gaming market.