Sony PlayStation Suite SDK Means One Game For All PS Certified Devices

Sony has announced that starting in November it will be rolling out its SDK for PS Suite. This kit will allow the game developers to develop one game that will run on all PS Certified devices. That means the games will run on the PS3 game console, the PS Vita, Sony Android tablets, and Sony Ericsson Android smartphones. The SDK supports C# as the programming language.

The software made using C# will be run on the PS Certified devices using a virtual machine. This will also mean that there will be more games available for Android devices that are PS Certified. Sony notes that it is working on expanding the list of current PS Certified devices to allow more bang for the buck when developing using the new SDK.

Sony will be offering new content for the PS Certified devices in October through the PlayStation Store. The service will start in nine countries including the US, Europe, and Japan among others. The SDK will be offered to developers that sign a license agreement with SCE and purchase the tool products. It doesn't sound like the SDK will be free when it lands.

[via Android Community]