Sony 320GB PlayStation 3 Heading to Retail Without Move Bundle

Evan Selleck - Oct 28, 2010, 11:04am CDT
Sony 320GB PlayStation 3 Heading to Retail Without Move Bundle

The 320GB version of the PlayStation 3 isn’t all that new. It’s been included in the Move bundle since the launch of the motion-based peripheral and camera. But, Sony apparently believes that while the Move bundle is the best way to go, they want to at least give the option for a Move-less console for anyone out there who doesn’t want to get off their couch.

Sony has announced that the new console, which will feature a 320GB hard drive, access to Netflix, and all of the standard issue items in the box, is already heading into stores. Of course, the main takeaway of the pricing here, which is $350, is that Sony is taking great strides to subsidize the price of the Move peripherals. You can get the 320GB PlayStation 3 Move Bundle, which includes the camera, one controller, and Sports Champions game, as well as the console, all for $400 right now.

When you look at it that way, spending the extra $50 to get more hardware, and a free game, is obviously a deal in of itself. But, if you look at the $300 for the 160GB, you’ll be getting double the storage capacity for just $50. So, if you’re trying to talk a loved one into the fact that you have to have this console, at least now you know how to bring it up in conversation. Keep your eyes open at your local electronics retailer, as the console should be landing in stores soon enough.

[via PlayStation Blog]

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