Sonos gets Amazon Cloud Player streaming

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Sonos can now stream music directly from your Amazon Cloud Player account, giving the wireless mesh whole-house audio system another source option for digital tracks. Cloud Player supports uploads of a user's existing music, as well as keeping in a copy of all MP3s bought from Amazon itself, removing the requirement to download them and store them on a local NAS or computer on your home network.

That means those users who want music not provided by Spotify, Pandora or other on-demand services already supported by Sonos can now still be accessed without needing to have some form of local storage powered on. If you've been frustrated by, say, Spotify's shortage of classical or obscure disco music, then this could make a neat difference to your energy bill.

Up to 250 imported songs can be uploaded with a free account, with more space if you don't mind paying. The Cloud Player system also supports Android and iOS devices, including Amazon's own Kindle Fire.

You'll need to register your Sonos system with Amazon in order to access Cloud Player content; you can do that here. The new source should show up as an "Amazon Cloud Player" option in the Music part of the Sonos controller app.