Sonos CR200 controller gets touchscreen

Chris Davies - Jul 2, 2009
Sonos CR200 controller gets touchscreen

Multi-room audio specialists Sonos have revealed their latest remote control, and they’ve finally decided to add a touchscreen.  The Sonos CR200 can, like the company’s existing controller, organize single-room or multiple-room playback and playlists, and comes complete with a charging cradle.

According to Automated Home, Sonos also have a new bundle in the wings.  Their existing BU150 package will be updated to the BU250, switching the original remote for the new CR200; meanwhile the ZP120 and ZP90 zone-players remain technically the same but get a color change to bring them into line with the new controller.

Right now there’s no word on how much the Sonos CR200 will cost, but it’s expected to go on sale imminently.  Given that the original non-touchscreen CR100 retails for around $399, this isn’t likely to be a particularly cheap remote.  The irony is, Sonos’ remote control app for the iPod touch and iPhone is likely to be the CR200’s biggest competitor.

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