Sonim includes NFC support in one of three new rugged phones

Sonim has announced three new ultra-rugged mobile phones, including one that offers NFC support. The company claims to hold the Guinness World Record for the World's Toughest Phone and unveiled earlier this year its XP3300 Force that's hailed as the rugged mobile phone with the world's longest talk time.

Altogether, including the XP3300 Force, Sonim latest lineup boasts four ultra-rugged mobile phones with the addition of the XP1301 Core NFC, XP1330 Core PTT, and the XP3340 Sentinel. All the devices are designed for workers in extreme environments, offering them extended talk time, battery life, light-weight portability, and enterprise support as well as other unique safety-oriented features.

The XP1301 Core NFC model is designed specifically for markets in cleaning, security guarding, facilities management, equipment maintenance, and home visit healthcare. The built-in NFC chip can scan tags placed in various work-site locations to verify activity or attendance. It includes key apps such as Guard Tour Verification, Proof of Activity, and Real Time Attendance.

The XP3340 Sentinel touts the longest GPS tracking time of any mobile phone, up to 29 hours. It's focus is on man-down worker safety situations and it features a dedicated red panic button and a man-down sensor to detect emergencies and accidents, automatically calling for emergency help.

The XP1330 Core PTT the ability for push-to-talk to enable instant communication among work teams while the the XP3300 Force supports Mobile Resource Management apps, including location tracking, job dispatch, and timecard reporting.

[via Engadget]