Sonim XP3300 Force has longest talk time in the world

Sonim has unveiled a new rugged mobile phone at MWC 2011 that it claims to have the world's longest talk time called the XP3300 Force. The phone has a rugged design and works on GSM networks. It is aimed at people that work in harsh environments for long shifts and need a phone that will work the entire shift and will survive harsh conditions.

The phone promises 20 to 24 hours of talk time or when used for GPS tracking the device will last up to 26 hours with MRM applications with 5-minute location interval updates. The phone has a 2MP camera with LED flash and digital zoom for job site information storage and the device can run JAVA apps.

The XP3300 can be submerged in 2 meters of water and survive and can keep going after a drop from 2 meters up onto concrete. The screen on the phone is a 2-inch unit and has 1.5mm thick Gorilla Glass over it. The housing of the device is reinforced with fiberglass and it can survive salt, fog, humidity, and thermal shock. The phone is good for 800 hours on standby and has noise cancellation tech. Pricing is unknown.