Sonic Utopia fan game revealed - here's how to download the demo

Those who have been disappointed by Sonic the Hedgehog's 3D escapades may want to take a look at Sonic Utopia, a new fan-game announced today. Sonic Utopia looks to fix some of the problems 3D Sonic games have, offering players an open world to run, jump, and go fast through. If that has piqued your interest, you might like to know that there happens to be a demo you can download to try Sonic Utopia for yourself.

The level featured in the trailer and demo is a throwback to Sonic's early days. Fans are given a fully 3D Green Hill Zone to explore, with the memorable enemies and music from that stage present as well. Of course, it isn't a proper Sonic game without a bit of platforming, which there's plenty of here. Perhaps most important is the fact that Sonic remains silent, which will be a welcome change to fans who find modern Sonic's peculiar brand of attitude to be a little grating.

What might be most impressive about Sonic Utopia is that it manages to emulate one of the things that made the original Sonic games so great: multiple paths through levels. Some more recent Sonic games have lost sight of this design, only really offering players one or two rather linear paths to follow. In Sonic Utopia, the open-world environment lends to gameplay that allows players to choose the path they want to take, which is immediately reminiscent of Sonic's classic adventures.

The game's developer, who goes by "Mr. Lange," says that nearly everything in the demo was made from scratch, which makes Sonic Utopia all the more impressive. It's unknown what Sega will think of this new game, but if it's anything like Nintendo, expect it to disappear before long.

If you ask me, Sega might do well by offering Mr. Lange a job. Even if an open world demo is a far cry from an actual finished game, it's clear that Mr. Lange knows what made Sonic great all those years ago, and cares about seeing a return to form for the ol' Blue Blur. Such an offer may never happen, but with Junichi Masuda encouraging developers of Pokemon fan games to apply at Game Freak, you never know.

In any case, if you're interested in trying the demo for yourself, you can find it through the source link below. Just be aware that Dropbox has temporarily disabled the link because it was generating too much traffic, so you'll have to wait a little bit. Hopefully it won't be much longer before the download is back up and ready to escort fans to Sonic Utopia.

SOURCE: Sonic Utopia