Sonic Colors: Ultimate is a remaster, but it looks brand new

If you've ever played Sonic the Hedgehog and have looked forward to a return to greatness on a modern console, now would appear to be the time to get excited. The game Sonic Colors was originally released on Nintendo Wii and – shocker – Nintendo DS. It was first developed all the way back in 2008, just after the release of Sonic Unleashed. It was a strange time – and a great time for a great game to get lost on a console. Now, it's time for that classic to return on a modern place to play.

The game that'll be coming in 2021 is called Sonic Colors: Ultimate. The game is effectively the same as its original self, including both side-scrolling and third-person perspectives and a wild Sonic universe full of rings and enemies.

The big differences come in the variety of controls one can use to move through the game and defeat enemies, and the graphics. This game will be available in a DIGITAL DELUXE format that'll include early access, "exclusive music," "gold and silver wearables," special "exclusive" player icons, and "sonic movie boost." Pre-order for the game begins today.

The game Sonic Colors: Ultimate will be released for Nintendo Switch on September 7, 2021. UPDATE: This game will also be released for PC (in the Epic Games Store), on Xbox (Xbox One, Xbox Series X), and on PlayStation (PS4, PS5). UPDATE: The release date for Sonic Colors Ultimate is September 12, 2021. There'll also be a companion animated miniseries by the name of Sonic Colors: Rise of the Wisps, released this summer to streaming platforms.

There'll also be a Sonic the Hedgehog "pack" available for the game Two Point Hospital. This game is on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Steam (PC), and on the Nintendo Switch. You'll be able to attain the Sonic Pack on July 30, 2021.