Some Windows 11 feature updates may be optional

Big changes in Windows 11 can be reverted at will, according to early testers of the operating system. Early leaks of this newest version of Windows suggest that the Start Menu and the taskbar, central to operations in Windows 11, will both be literally centered on the users' screen, too. Thankfully, it would appear that this major change can be reverted with relative ease.

As noted by Rafael Rivera, aka @WithinRafael, the process for changing the Start Menu in Windows 11 is relatively straightforward. Users can use a "Start_ShowClassicMode" command to make it happen – no big deal. The same is true of Taksbar alignment, which can be made to be left-aligned instead of centered.

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It'll be interesting to see if this is one of a set of ways in which Microsoft will adjust their Windows 11 UI right out the gate. When releasing Windows 8, the company saw significant blowback and a major call to revert to a more familiar UI – and at the very least, a more gradual transition to any sort of major change in interfaces.

Cross your fingers and hope that we won't need too many significant changes to the way this OS operates upon download. Microsoft announced an event that'll reveal Windows 11 on June 24, 2021, at 11AM Eastern Time. SlashGear will have coverage of said event as it unfolds – stick around and see!

Users can watch the livestream for the Windows 11 event over at Microsoft's event page. That page also has a "GET A REMINDER" link and suggests that users employ the #MicrosoftEvent tag for posts on social media platforms. They've also released a very blue sort of video to remind everyone that they'll be having said event.

UPDATE: Also Microsoft released the video you see above. This video was released on June 17, 2021. It includes "Windows Startup Sounds Slowed down 4,000%".