Some PS Vita games will require a memory card to save

The launch of the PS Vita is getting close and we already know all the details on the new portable game console. We know that the console gets a 5-inch AMOLED screen that is touch sensitive. The console will sell for $249 in WiFi only and $299 with 3G inside as well. We were already not too happy that the PS Vita would require a specific memory card format that would not work with other devices.

Now we are learning that despite the fact that the PS Vita has internal storage, some games will require one of the memory cards to save game data. If you had expected that memory card to be overflow storage only to use when downloading content and the internal memory was full, that doesn't seem to be the case.

All of the download games must be saved to a memory card. The number of games that require the memory card is surprising. It seems that you will basically have to get a memory card to play normal games even if you never intended to purchase DLC. It looks like you will need to get the memory card when you purchase the console.

[via jin115]