Solar Powered Watches Updated by Casio at ECO Product 2010

G-Shock! OCEANUS! Both intensely well-known watches, the G-version seeming to have somewhat of a resurgence over these past few hipster-laden years. The OCEANUS on the other hand was displayed proudly and at this years ECO Product, Casio having a stand with an exploded view inside the iconic watch to show off its solar powers! The solar panel is placed directly behind the watch face, the watch requiring only 6.3W of power to provide up to 860,000 watch movements – take a peek at the video!

What a magical assortment of parts – each of them cut with precision to provide you with a greener way to display the time on your wrist. Can you imagine a future where the only thing that'd make you replace a device is a damaged part, and the only power source needed is the sun? Welcome to that future.

[Via Akihabara News]