Snoop Dogg on The Price is Right and Celebritarianism in Tech Reporting

When its time for a celebrity appearance on any manner of show or ad spot that can be construed as cool, you can expect that Snoop Dogg wont be far behind. Last time we spoke about Snoop Dogg specifically, it was about a set of viral videos made for MetroPCS in which he re-named himself Snoop DoGGGG, a contestant on the G-Connection with Warren G. Here in the gadget and technology reporting world, there's something to be said about having your favorite hero reporter or, more likely, your favorite hero blog report the news you want to hear.

This month Snoop Dogg took part in a week long promotion on The Price is Right in which he and other celebrities appeared on the show to raise money for their charity of choice. As he shows up behind a curtain which also reveals a fabulously stylish vehicle in which he rides, the contestant up at the time on the show loses her mind in appreciation of his being there to play the game with her. Much in the same way, many readers of tech blogs both read and contribute to the blogs they love because they find themselves tied to them with some innate form of loyalty.

The same can be said about many people's favorite tech reporters. Many of your favorite tips and leaked sets of images have been passed on to specific writers rather than the blogs they writer for because they feel that these specific people are the one's they want to see reporting the news they've got to offer. Snoop Dogg didn't seek out The Price is Right, the producers of the show sought out him. They wanted to reach the viewers they know he lights up well with (young people, mostly,) and he said certainly, as with each disparate appearance his audience doth grow.

So I ask you this, reader: do you read specific blogs, writers, or neither?