Snapchat will be basically unavoidable with Stories Everywhere

It isn't exactly easy to be a social media network here in a crowded 2017, and that's especially true when Facebook owns the competition. Throughout the year, Facebook has been launching new features for Instagram, turning the app into its own little version of Snapchat. This, of course, is bad news for Snapchat itself, as it has been significantly lagging behind Instagram in terms of user numbers for some time now.

What do you do when the competition is beating you in terms of monthly active users? You expand your reach, or you try to at any rate. Snapchat is looking to do just that with a new feature called Stories Everywhere, which will allow Stories to be embedded in places around the web.

Though Stories Everywhere hasn't been officially announced yet, Cheddar claims to have spoken to a person close to the matter who says that the wheels are in motions. The development of Stores Everywhere is being headed by Rahul Chopra, who in the past has served as senior vice president and global head of video over at News Corp. His job will be to figure out how to share Snapchat content in places outside of the app, which would be a pretty big change from the way things currently operate.

The benefits of figuring that out could be great, though. By allowing Stories to be embedded outside of the app itself, Snapchat could very well see a rise in new users. Since growth is something the company has struggled with throughout the year, anything that's going to stimulate reach is worth considering at this point.

Beyond attracting new users, Stories Everywhere could also attract new content creators to the platform. With the recent news that CNN will be shutting down its daily Snapchat news show after only four months, the need to attract new content creators and keep them interested in using the platform becomes clear. Stores Everywhere could certainly help with that, so don't be surprised if this rumor turns out to be true.