Snapchat redesign is bad: How to go back

Snapchat released a new redesign of their social networking app this month and throngs of users hate it. They cannot fathom how developers at Snapchat could possibly have come up with something so bad. They've gone so far as to download old versions of the app to attempt to keep their tapping and swiping the way it was. But they can't. They can't have anything the way they want it, because Snapchat is dragging them kicking and screaming into the future, just like Facebook.

Consider Snapchat, an app and an ecosystem that's gained thousands of users at the same time as Facebook declines. A study released by eMarketer this week suggested that "Snapchat could eventually experience more growth in older age groups, since it's redesigning its platform to be easier to use." Yeah right, said a whole crapload of people both within and outside of Snapchat over the past week. Check out trending hashtags #snapchatisoverparty and #snapchatupdate to witness the carnage.

The newest Snapchat update cuts the app in half. All the content from friends is on the left, and all other media is on the right. Those wishing to un-update their app have one option at this time – it seems to work for both Android and iOS devices, but we've yet to test every single piece of hardware, because that'd be insane.

Tell your friends, keep your streaks:

1. Delete the Snapchat app

2. Go to Settings – iTunes and App Store – Turn off automatic updates

3. Download Snapchat

4. Type in your email and "forgot password"

5. Reset via phone

6. Get the code via phone, login, change password

7. Login

And bang, like evil wizard magic, you'll have the "old one" back. BEWARE though, this method might well delete some of your data. Memories have been deleted from the iPhone I just used with this method – but an Android device did not. Take your super precious fate into your own hands.

Or, if you're unwilling to make this un-update happen, or you're reading this too far into the future for it to be possible to use, consider the following. Why are you using Snapchat in the first place? Is it the streaks? What would happen if, one day, Snapchat decided to reset all of your streaks? Would you keep using the app then?