Snapchat is not selling most of your replays

Last week Snapchat revealed a new set updates to their Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, which of course threw users into a tizzy. In fact, not a whole lot is different this time around compared to any other update over the past couple of years. The big differences come in the sales of Replays and the way the Terms and Privacy Policy were written. They're easier to read now than they were before. Of course, to some people, that means it's time to panic.

First and foremost, the folks at Snapchat have once again assured the world that they will not be – and never have been – keeping your private Snaps or Chats. Each time a private Snap or Chat is viewed or times out, it's deleted from Snapchat's servers. That means it's deleted from the universe.

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Unless of course your friend saves or screenshots your Snaps – that, Snapchat has no control over.

All Snaps submitted by you to Live Stories are able to be played, replayed, and syndicated by Snapchat, as has been made clear in previous versions of all Terms and Privacy Policy updates – and right up front, obviously, in the Live Stories section when you submit.

According to Snapchat support, the following is also true of the new Terms and Privacy Policy updates: "We added language to the Terms of Service regarding in-app purchases. We needed to do that now that we're selling Replays—and have some other cool products and services we're looking forward to bringing to you soon."

If you'd like to learn more about what's private and what's not, we encourage you to head to the new Terms and Privacy Policy yourself. If it looks public, it probably is. If you want to keep something private, make double-sure, and you'll probably be fine.