Snapchat is down: double-check your snaps

Chris Burns - Feb 4, 2015, 3:06pm CST
Snapchat is down: double-check your snaps

Since about 3PM Eastern Time today, the social network Snapchat has been down for the count for users across the United States. and in various places in Western Europe. This service appears knocked out for a wide variety of users though the official Snapchat Support Snapchat Status suggests “All systems normal.” Don’t panic – you’re not alone. There’s always the internet, and there ARE other social networks out there where you’re going to be able to seek support. You’re going to just have to stay strong.

It’s unlikely this downtime has anything to do with the new Snapchat platform Discover – but anything is possible. Below you’ll see a video produced by Snapchat aiming to show how Discover will be working for you in the near future. And by you, we mean businesses like CNN, ESPN, the Food Network, and VICE.

If you’ve been sending Snapchat messages over the past couple of hours, you might want to re-check with your friends whether or not they’ve received said messages. While we don’t recommend badgering your friends and relatives incessantly normally, today might be the best day to do so.

Meanwhile you might want to check out Instagram, a service that received an upgrade that allows you to watch videos over and over and over again without end. It’s the perfect way to drown your tears in endless videos.

Unless you like Vine better – a service which does essentially the same thing.

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