Snapchat back-to-back Snaps is a gamechanger: how to get it

The new version of Snapchat allows you two record up to six Snaps in a row. With this new ability, Snapchat users will be Snapping faster than they've ever Snapped before. They'll be Snapping so much, they'll have no trouble sharing Snaps with every single person on their list of Snaps all Snappin' day long. Also note: 6 Snaps in a row is the new limit – but there's no knowing how far Snapchat will go next.

The 6 Snaps in a row limit, the new limit, is just the beginning for Snapchat's expansion. It's not difficult to imagine Snapchat leaving its roots, moving away from the super-secretive nature of the platform that it started with. Snapchat has seen great success with brands and internet celebrities in the recent past with expansion beyond the Snap basics – now it's time to go bigger.

This newest update was created just for people like @xoxoLizza who are extremely pumped up about the ability to Snap back-to-back Snaps with relative ease. With the way power-users like Lizza are using the platform, it only makes sense to open up the floodgates for quicker capture.

This update also includes the ability to further edit Snapped photos. On the editing screen, inside the Scissors icon, a new Paint Brush can be found. Tapping this Paint Brush icon reveals a new ability to change the color of any object with relative ease.

All iOS users can download the update from the Apple App Store right this minute – it's version or higher. There's a bit of a break, however, in whatever's happening on the Android side of things.

First, Android users do not have the 6-Snap back-to-back ability with the newest update. The Beta version of the APK also has no access to this ability. Second, the new coloring editing feature with the Paint Brush icon for photo Snaps – it works, to a point. Whenever an Android user tries to begin selecting a piece of a photo to color, if they do not move quick enough, the app force-closes. This happened with several devices we tested this morning. It's a bummer!

If you're still all about getting the newest version of Snapchat for Android, even if it's sorta broken, it's up now. Have a peek at Google Play for the Android update right this minute – version or higher.