Snapchat adds pay-for-Replay and selfie filters

Ephemerality has always been the Snapchat way, but now the self-destructing social network is offering snap replays for a price. In a new update today, users can opt to buy more Replay access at the price of three for $0.99, finally putting a cost on experiencing someone's evaporating moment again.

Replay itself was actually launched back in 2013, though not every Snapchat user is necessarily familiar with it. Since then, it's allowed each person a single replay of a snap per day.

With today's news, that limit has been removed – assuming you're willing to cough up for access.

There are still some restrictions, however. Each snap can only be Replayed once: after that, it's out of reach forever. Still, it's likely to become a significant revenue stream for Snapchat, which has previously looked to advertising campaigns in the app to make money.

Even if you're not interested in paying, the new version has a few extra tweaks to it. Biggest is the inclusion of Lenses, which allow various filters and effects to be applied to selfies.

These aren't just your simple color washes or desaturation, either. Instead, Snapchat allows you to turn into a Tony Stark style Iron Man pilot or a monster.

SOURCE Snapchat