'Snap' Sony CyberShot concept camera

This Sony CyberShot 'Snap' is the work of designer Young Hwan Kim, and currently just a concept.  Intended to resemble a man's wallet it has a leather-clad cover.  However, unlike current cameras, this cover pivots down from the corner to reveal the lens and flash.  Apparently that would make one-handed operation more straightforward.

While a nice bit of rendering, there's one obvious problem.  If you want to put the camera down on a table to take some timed shots, they're all going to make you look like you're on the deck of a listing ship.  That's if you could get it to stand up at all. 

So, a nice idea but in practice I can't see Sony buying Young Hwan Kim's design.  That said, one-handed camera use remains a problem, and I'm trying to think of the best mechanical design for a lens-cover.  Let me know your thoughts in the comments!