Smash Brothers Wii U gameplay videos hit E3 with Nintendo's 2014 blessing

One of the key game franchises for the Nintendo-centric universe has been shown at E3 for the Wii U: Super Smash Brothers. This game takes characters from multiple gaming titles and jams them all into one big multi-player brawl, continuing this fun-filled legacy with the addition of a few new characters here in 2013. This game was one of the most infamous for the original Wii and Nintendo 64.

Gameplay shown in Nintendo's first E3 presentation for 2013 showed many classic characters as well as additions like "Villager", complete with floating balloons and a bowling ball to drop or toss towards opponents – not to mention power absorbing. You fire a bolt of energy a Villager? Nay! Denied!

Also appearing in this edition of Smash Brothers will be Star Fox, Kirby, Donky Kong, Samus Aran from Metroid, Pikachu, Link from Zelda, Mario, Luigi, and a brand new up-powered Mega Man. This little fellow works with everything from common power blasts to his friendly robot associate. Metal Blade, Leaf Shield, and Hard Knuckles included.

This game will not be coming out until some time inside 2014 for both the Nintendo Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS handheld gaming machine. Until then, we'll have to wait for the greatness and continue playing the original – because everyone knows that N64 version of Smash Brothers remains epic.