SmartThings iOS app adds Apple Watch capabilities

The few of you out there with Apple Watches and SmartThings devices can rejoice – all will work together peacefully by this afternoon. The team behind SmartThings have released the SmartThings iOS app version 1.7.3 with Apple Watch integration. This update to the app also brings performance improvements as well as bug fixes. This is not the first smartwatch to work with SmartThings, mind you – it's the second. The first was the Samsung Gear S – which makes sense, since SmartThings is a Samsung company, after all.

The fact that this update is coming to the iOS app for Apple Watch "further highlights SmartThings and Samsung's commitment to an open platform," – so says SmartThings. Below you'll see a short video showing what it'll be like to connect SmartThings to your Apple Watch right out the gate.

This version of the SmartThings app is version 1.7.3. It should be out on the app store right this minute for all users.

Once you're in the app, after it's been updated, you'll find a list of buttons that correspond with the app as you have it set up on your iPhone. In the video above, you'll see some examples of simple buttons like "Good Morning!", a button that turns on all of your bedroom lights, or "Good Night," which of course turns your lights off.