Smartcar to add "self-learning" to Tesla Model S

The same crew that brought you Tesla for Glass, aka GlassTesla, are now pushing a system for Tesla vehicles called Smartcar. This system would create a learning environment for the vehicle to know you for your daily activities, moving and changing in response. This system is part of a self-made crowd-funding venture with subscription model from the start.

This system is what CEO and Founder Sahas Katta calls "self-learning". This term defines the system's ability to watch what you do and react to it.

As the demonstration video below will show, you'll be working with systems like intelligent climate for an always-ideal in-car environment and intelligent charging to delay charging until off-peak hours to keep your electric bill down. This system also (of course) connects to your smartphone to tell you how excellent it is:

"Smartcar: You saved 25% on your electric bill last month."

The whole system connects via the web. Users will be able to configure and monitor the Tesla Model S's automation settings from their mobile devices or computer on the go. This system requires no new hardware, connecting instead to the Tesla vehicle's innards over-the-air through the internet.

Users will be paying for this system by the month or by the year – at the moment it would appear that a $100-per-year investment will be required. The crowd-funding campaign currently shows a $50 "discount" rate which also includes a 1-year subscription.