Smart health for kids: eSkin Thermometer, Smart Pacifier

Why should grownups get all the smart toys? In the ever growing attempt to make everything smarter, a few companies are gearing up to address the youngest generation as well. But these two particular smart products don't simply cater to kids. Unlike entertainment or even educational smart devices, this VivaLnk eSkin Termometer and BlueMaestro Pacif-i Smart Pacifier are specifically designed to help kids go through the horrifying ordeal of being sick, with as minimum fuss or stress for both the kid and their parent.

Being sick is no fun, either for the child or for the parent. But sometimes even the simplest act of getting an accurate temperature reading can be so stressful for the sick child that it could even worsen his or her condition. Making that essential activity as painless and maybe even as fun as possible are the goals of these two products.

VivaLnk caught our attention a while back when it was making digital tattoos for Android devices. now it has put its technology and expertise at the service of childcare. Instead of tattoos however, VivaLnk's eSkin Thermometers are composed of an ultra-thin, flexible, breathable patch in the shape of friendly bear. Simply stick it onto the forehead of your sick kid and then let the smartphone app record the temperature. We first heard word of this new VivaLnk product in a leak last December but now the company has formally revealed the existence of the product.

The Pacif-i smart pacifier is a bit more intrusive, in the sense that it will, of course require the child to put it in her or his mouth, which might be a struggle depending on the child's temperament. This uses Bluetooth technology to transfer its temperature readings, making it the first Bluetooth-enabled pacifier. Not that there are currently many contenders in that market.

The VivaLnk eSkin Thermometer is expected to launch in Spring, with no mention of a retail price yet. The Pacif-i Smart Pacifier on the other hand, will cost $40 but its early 2015 launch will depend on when it receives its European Medical Device Class IIa license.

SOURCE: VivaLnk, BlueMaestro