Slingshot updated, still has "send to receive" requirement

On launch, Slingshot was a bit of a let-down. The Facebook photo messaging service mis-fired on a lot of levels, with the "send to receive" qualifier a big issue. An update has arrived for the service, fixing a few issues people had, but is it usable yet?

This latest version will now let you reply to a pic with your reaction ahead of sending a return picture to first get the ability to send that reaction. If you couldn't follow that, now you know why Slingshot is such a kluge.

If you can't find people who use Slingshot, Facebook now wants to make it easier on you. A new My People section shows you friends of yours who may be using the service. You can also invite people to give it a shot, now. You know, if you know someone who wants to send pics for the honor of receiving yours.

Facebook also made some performance improvements, letting you snap pics quicker among other small fixes. Facebook also has their Instagram-only Bolt service, which is a lot like Slingshot, save for the stopgap of sending a pic to start a picture sharing thread. Through all the fixes, Facebook failed to fix the one thing that prevents people from wanting to use the app. A bit better than version 1.0, Slingshot still isn't the picture sharing app we need.