Slingbox Pro HD to stream 1080i video come August

Chris Davies - Jan 4, 2008

Poor Gizmodo – they managed to get their hands on one of Slingbox’s new Pro HD media shifters, but didn’t get to actually plug it in and watch the high-def 1080i streamed video in action.  Still, they’ve got some nice photos of the familiar arch shape, and the bristling input/output panel at the rear, and were able to tell us that the black casing looks better than earlier models.


 Slingbox Pro HD

Of course, the real reason we’re interested in the Pro HD is not the aesthetics but the fact that it can blast 16:9 aspect video through a choice of ATSC, S-video, composite video and component video (with analog or digital outputs for audio), and all for $399 when it launches in August this year.

In-built WiFi is the obvious omission, although rumor has it that Sling Media have USB adaptors for just that waiting in the wings, and while the lack of HDMI sockets may cause some to scratch their heads it’s undoubtedly because of the frustrating HDCP copy-protection such a connection goes hand-in-hand with.

Hands-On: Slingbox Pro HD [Gizmodo]

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