Slingbox and Apple TV hook up

When Steve Jobs announced the Apple TV, a lot of people started braying for a one-on-one deathmatch between it and the Slingbox.  Since then, reviewers and news-peddlers invariably describe the two as being in vengeful competition; the question is clear: are you an Apple or a Slinger?  But over at Sling Media they've obviously not been told about this great rivalry; they're too busy hooking up an Apple TV to a Slingbox PRO and using it to stream iTunes audio and video. you can see, it gives you the best of both worlds – the Apple TV's internal storage and easy interface, together with the Slingbox's expertise at internet streaming and compatibility with not only laptops but smartphones as well (such as the Motorola Q in the video). Part of the magic is thanks to the new SlingPlayer for Mac 1.0 software the company has just launched.If you're interested, the video goes into some detail as to how you could set up a similar system yourself.Zatz Not Funny! [via eHomeUpgrade]