Sling Player for iPhone getting AT&T 3G streaming

AT&T's decision to deny iPhone users the ability to stream their Sling content over 3G soured the launch of the app last year, but it seems the carrier has now relented.  According to the press release, AT&T have been testing a freshly "optimized" version of the Sling Player for iPhone software, which it obviously believes won't drag its 3G network to its knees.

Sling Media reckon the app "dynamically adjusts the bandwidth based on network conditions and picture quality", something more usually seen in preserving picture quality on variable-speed networks rather than preserving the network itself.  The new version of the application is yet to be released, as it's waiting on approval from Apple for inclusion in the App Store; it will be offered as a free upgrade for those who bought the original $30 app.

What we're perhaps more interested in is whether Sling Media are working on an iPad-specific version of the software.  While the iPhone app will obviously work on Apple's new tablet, we'd like to see a version which better takes advantage of the extra screen space the iPad has to offer.