Sling Media to offer IPTV: SlingCatcher

Chris Davies - Jan 7, 2007

Engadget are jumping the Sling Media CES gun a little and take a look at the SlingCatcher, the media streaming company’s latest device which, rather than squirting your TV out across the net, instead acting as a client for the traditional Slingbox but also receiving video from online content providers and displaying it on your TV.


Working in tandem with some computer-based bridging software, the WiFi-enabled device will output through HDMI, component and USB, although the details of potential content providers is still unknown prior to the mid-2007 launch.

Provisionally priced sub-$200, among the options will be a hard-drive to download and store purchased content.  This is nothing new, but Sling Media are obviously hoping that their growing market share and reputation for easy set-up and addictive functionality will give them the edge.

Zatz Not Funny! [via Engadget]

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