Sleek Audio Custom earphones: Video Unboxing

All the way back at CES 2009, Vincent and I squirmed in our seats as Sleek Audio shot bright pink gunk into our ears.  It was all in the name of high-quality sound, as from those ear-canal molds the company then made us each a pair of their Custom earphones.  It's too early for the full review, but for now here's some first-impressions and the all-important unboxing video.Unboxing video after the cut

First-impressions of the Customs are good: they sound airier than the SA6 earphones, with seemingly increased clarity to the top end and fuller bass.  More immediately noticeable was the fit: as you'd expect, having been custom molded they slip into the ears and stay there, without feeling tight or restrictive; however neither do they ever feel like they're going to fall out.  Considering I generally have problems getting earphones to stay in even when I'm sitting still (don't get me started on Apple's standard set), this is a huge improvement.

Obviously if the sound is lacking then you don't want to keep wearing the earphones, no matter how good the fit, so Vincent and I will be testing out the Sleek Audio Customs over the next week or so to see just how much of a difference they make.  They're certainly not a cheap impulse purchase, so they've a lot to live up to.

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