Slay the Spire is coming to Android at long last

Ever since launching in early access on PC, Mac, and Linux back in 2017, Slay the Spire has become one of those indie gems that has enjoyed meteoric success. Over the past several years, the game has spread to other plaforms aside from PC, starting with the launch of the PlayStation 4 version in 2019 before launching on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One later that year and iOS in 2020. Eagle-eyed readers will notice an ever-important platform missing from that list, but developer MegaCrit will be rectifying that omission very soon.

Today, Slay the Spire publisher Humble Bundle announced that the game will be coming to Android next week, on February 3rd. This Android release has been a long time coming, with MegaCrit revealing that an Android version was in the works back when it announced the iOS version. After a long wait, Android users will finally get a chance to play Slay the Spire next week.

Humble Bundle didn't announce how much the Android version of the game will cost in its announcement today, but it seems safe to assume that the company will be targeting a $10 price point, which is how much the game costs on iOS. Of course, Humble Bundle and MegaCrit could opt to switch things up a bit, perhaps by offering the game at a discount or by making it a free-to-start game that prompts users to pay once they've reached a certain point in the game? Again, we don't know, but we don't have much longer to wait before we find out.

In any case, both Humble Bundle and MegaCrit games revealed a few more things about the Android version of Slay the Spire in replies to that initial tweet. For instance, we know that the Android version will be a standalone release, which unfortunately means no cross-save functionality with other versions of the game. MegaCrit also confirmed that the Android version will be on the latest patch, so those picking it up after playing on other platforms should notice no difference in terms of content.

We'll see if Humble Bundle and MegaCrit share more details in the coming days, but otherwise, look for the Android version of Slay the Spire to drop on February 3rd.