SlashGear's Gigantic XOOM Giveaway Reminder [With Comments from YOU!]

Let me let you know what's going on here. We've got these XOOM tablets, five of them – 2 for SlashGear and 3 for Android Community, and we're gonna give them away for free. They're all Wifi-only so you don't have to worry about paying a monthly fee, in fact you don't have to worry about paying for anything, because they're totally, totally free. We've been getting some pretty awesome entries for this contest since it started, and in showing a few classics to you now, we'd like you, the people who haven't joined in the fun yet, to enter!

Have a peek first at the basic rules for this contest, then go back to the expanded rules for a full understanding, check out the comments by your pals below, then get our there and enter!

To win one of these fabulous tablets, you must:

1. "like" us on Facebook:

2. Comment on the wall saying something nice like "SlashGear and NVIDIA are ever so generous and kind with their dual-core generosity."

And that's it! We'd also like to encourage you to participate in a post-win review of the tablet, but we'll get into that once you've discovered you're the WINNER. Now let's take a look at some comments from YOU that we're just LOVING:

Rahul Horé

SlashGear has been one of my favorite tech blogs from the start: A pitch perfect blend of the latest news and analysis mixed with personal pieces that explore how the technology and gadgets we love affect our everyday lives. SlashGear's staff bubbles with enthusiasm on the topics they cover. It's not only the blog for the tech & gadget obsessed but by the tech & gadget obsessed, too.

Meir Kaniel

S lashGear


A re

S o

H umbley

G enerous

A nd

E xceptionally kind with their

R ewards and dual-core generosity.

Andre Phillips

With NVIDIA fighting one side of the battle and SlashGear fighting the next there is no stopping this dual-core duo they'll just xoom by the competition

Gj Bivens

I read slashgear's articles everyday on pulse and I'm subscribed to them on YouTube, it would be amazing if the BEST tech site in the world and the BEST chip maker in the world would bestow me a xoom! Oh yeah and...SlashGear and NVIDIA are ever so generous and kind with their dual-core

Next, have a look at the poll we recently ran where it was decided amongst 75 of you that the most likely outcome of a winning pick for you would be crying. Awww!

We'd also like to encourage you to join our Facebook page even if you don't, for some reason, want a free XOOM tablet. We've got lots of exciting features and exclusive content you'll only find on Facebook!