SlashGear’s Final Football Matchup Toshiba TV Giveaway WINNER

Chris Burns - Feb 4, 2011
SlashGear’s Final Football Matchup Toshiba TV Giveaway WINNER

Stop being so excited about football! Our contest with Toshiba to give away one gigantic television is complete! We’ve tallied up the votes, counted the heads, and filled up the glasses of wine, and we’ve chosen the person who will nab the big huge prize!

As you know, this contest started back on January 31st, and was complete last night at midnight. In this contest you were to become fans of both ours and Toshiba’s Facebooks and Twitters, then you’d have had to have tweeted an image of yourself getting totally pumped up about your favorite team! Congratulations to everyone who entered because the contest has been a massive success!

After much debating and lots of punches thrown back and forth over whose team photo was best, we’ve selected one – ONE who will win. That winner is…

That’s right! Twitter user @Whitbord has so much Cheesehead fury that we just couldn’t resist! We’ll be contacting @Whitbord via DM on Twitter (or if @Whitbord were to contact us, that’d work too) to toss a giant television in the general direction of Green Bay!

We’re super psyched that everyone had an awesome time submitting their team spirit photos, and we’ll seeya tonight, tomorrow, and throughout the rest of time here on SlashGear, the site you love to grab the greatest technology news in the world!

Take a peek the original post to see all the rules and regulations again if you wish.

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