SlashGear StealthArmor for iPad Giveaway

By now, you've probably got your iPad tucked away in a nice case, or some kind of sleeve, or maybe you've even got yourself a GelaSkin. But, maybe you aren't happy with your current choice, or you want another choice to add to your arsenal of accessories. Then again, maybe you just want to win some free swag. Whatever the case, here's your chance to do all of the above. If you've read our review, then you know the StealthArmor protective skin for the iPad is one of the best skins we've ever reviewed, and now we're happy to announce that Fusion of Ideas has happily agreed to let us share the experience with two lucky winners.

That's right, SlashGear readership. We've got two custom StealthArmor for iPads to give away, and we're hoping that you'll follow the rules laid out here in this post, so you could be one of those lucky winners. What you'll win is a custom-finish, SlashGear-engraved StealthArmor protective skin. You can choose one of four finishes: wood grain, matte black, brushed aluminum, or carbon fiber. And if you need to see what they look like, check out the gallery below.

So, here's the deal:

1. Leave us a comment down below, and tell us why you think your iPad needs a custom StealthArmor protective skin. Your comment should be first and foremost creative, but if you have a legitimate, nonsensical reason why you need one, we'll take that, too.

2. You are only allowed one comment, so make it noteworthy. If you get us talking around the office, you're chances are much better.

3. Be respectful. No cursing, slander, or any other ridiculousness. Not that we're worried about that from our readers, but we have to put it here. You understand.

4. We're going to announce the winner in one week. Exactly one week. So stay frosty.

So, that's it. Pretty simple, yes? So remember, one comment per person, and we'll announce the winner in one week. You don't need to put your favorite finish in the comment, because the winners will get to tell us what they want once we contact them. So, just focus on your entry. We look forward to hearing what you've got to say!