SlashGear in Featured Sources section of Pulse App

Chris Burns - Oct 29, 2010, 12:18 pm CDT
SlashGear in Featured Sources section of Pulse App

The reader application known as Pulse is really successful and big. I mean really big, and really really successful. So big and successful (and nice looking, and it has pretty hair and a nice smile) that Steve Jobs featured it in his keynote speech at WWDC. Today we found out that SlashGear is amongst the cool people on the list for Featured Sources on the app. Hooray!

It’s currently confirmed on iPad, iPhone, and Android devices that we’re up there, and it’s looking like it’s a cross-platform sort of situation. Read with joy. Pulse is basically an amazing blog reader where you can manage and organize all your favorites in many different ways, making it a sort of must-have amongst those of you who’re news and project addicts like me. Lub it.

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