SlashGear Exclusive: Video hands-on with Samsung’s F700 iPhone-rival

Vincent Nguyen - Oct 15, 2007, 9:47am CDT

Last month Vodafone announced their agreementwith Samsung to sell the F700 smartphone under the unusual name “Croix”, and at the time I lamented my lack of in-depth playtime with the handset.  Well, thanks to yesterday’s Samsung event which SlashGear were invited to I had an opportunity to grab some footage of the HSDPA-toting, QWERTY-sliding F700; back in October I said it was “one of the strongest competitors to the iPhone”, and that opinion has only got stronger.


Exclusive hands-on video of the Samsung F700 after the cut

Like other iPhone rivals, Samsung is heaping investment fervently onto the spec side of things to distance themselves from the style-heavy but connectivity-anaemic Apple cellphone.  Hence the support for HSDPA data, with its supposed peak speeds of 7.2Mbit/s, and the clever vibration touch-feedback system Samsung were so keen to talk about at CeBIT earlier this year

Samsung F700

The main difference we spotted was a 3-megapixel camera rather than the 5-megapixel one previous demo models were blessed with; final versions of the spec sheets were notable by their absence, so there’s no telling what the retail model will come with.

Samsung F700 Croix

You can see many more live photos of the Samsung F700 over in the gallery


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