SlashGear at CeBIT: Samsung F700 Hands-on

Vincent Nguyen - Mar 15, 2007, 1:19pm CDT

The Samsung Ultra Smart F700 has been more than adequately covered on SlashGear and My iPhone. What’s been missing is our very own hands-on with the handset. Others have video coverage of the Ultra Smart F700, but none of them will show you what you’re about to watch. Gizmodo ran an article titled “Samsung F700 Video Tease: Look, But Don’t Touch.” You’ll see that this isn’t the case, because I’m all over it!

It was unfortunate that the Ultra Smart F700 was locked in some mysterious way that “none of us” (including the Samsung PR folks) could unlock. I presume the individual screens weren’t ready for public viewing, so that may be the real reason. So this hands-on is really just that – a hands-on look. NOTE: you’re going to here words like “not stable” used in the video below in reference to it keep shutting off. I think the battery was completely drained – which could be the root cause. Enjoy the videos and the image gallery!

[Vincent’s observation] The Ultra Smart F700 will kick some major butt – LG Prada and iPhone watch your backs. The handset feels extremely compact, literally becomes one with your hand. The touch screen “vibrates” every time you touch it. The keypad feels really good to the fingers and offers a solid tactile feedback when pressed. If fingerprints drive you nuts, you’re going to be busy whipping them off. The glossy material is sexy and attractive to look at, but it’s also high maintenance to keep shiny.

Samsung Ultra Smart F700

Samsung Ultra Smart F700

Samsung Ultra Smart F700

Samsung Ultra Smart F700

Samsung Ultra Smart F700

That’s all I have for now, but will return to the booth for a second attempt to see if I can get a real hands-on with the Ultra Smart F700. Make sure to visit visit the CeBIT 2007 image gallery to view the rest of the images of the Ultra Smart F700 as well as other images from the fair.

Special thanks to Janine Rothe (image above) and Yeon-Hee Park!

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29 Responses to SlashGear at CeBIT: Samsung F700 Hands-on

  1. Wowza, I’ve been keeping track of this phone fow awhile and I cant wait to get my grubby hands on it!

  2. Why is the space bar in the middle of the qwerty keyboard layout? Such a BASIC flaw in the design I can’t believe they would be so stupid as to put the space bar in between the V and B on the keyboard, why not just put it at the end? No extra space is necessary to do this, just common sense!

  3. Why is the second video private? It won’t load on the site and I tried to go to it on youtube but it said it was private.
    I’ve been tracking this phone for a while now too and I’m very excited for it. Also I think that you can order a unlocked one from where-ever and put your gsm simcard in and it should work as long as you aren’t in the middle of Nowhere, USA.

  4. hi, do you know if they will release this phone to uk carriers and how much do you think it will go for and just your opinion which do you think is better apple iphone or f700?

    Oh and the picutres are fantastic been searching for live pictures and only you seem to have them great work :-)

    many thanks

  5. When will this phone be avaible also how can i purchase since it’s not coming to the u.s please someone tell me i’ve been looking for this phone please bye

  6. Vincent Nguyen – if you have made the video private and have taken it down “as a professional courtesy to Samsung”, then why don’t you take the link off this page so people don’t keep trying to see it, keep asking you to make it public and being let down when they can’t see it…now who’s the tease?

  7. I agree with crhrume. You are getting alot of hits on this page just because it promises a hands on look of the f700. Please remove the link if you do not wish to make the video public.

  8. Joey, this article is about live hands-on, NOT the review itself (title of this entry is SlashGear at Cebit) and we shows all the cebit handson photos.

    The title did not said Hands on VIDEO

  9. so i live in the US and i want this phone..whens the release date and will it work in the US?

  10. yes it will work in the US if you get an unlocked one. and wow this is coming out soon i can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Hey can u please lemmo know how much is this phone for? Has it been launched in India? And if yes? Please tell me the cost of it.. Thanks.

  12. From what I have read, it is scheduled to be available August 23 US. I don’t know how much it will cost.

  13. haha i got the samsung f700. i got it for $450 unlocked i just had to start a new contract with t-mobile. go to they have a lot of other phones too.

  14. Samsung has did it again!Oh in case I phone lovers did not know samsung makes the components to the phone why else do you think they came out with the F 700. I live in Seattle Wa and have never bought a unlocked phone is it tru you won’t have any problems with this phone being that it’s european?

  15. One Question how long did it take Samsung to design F700, Samsung may have been copied by Apple you know corporate spying.

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