SlashGear Exclusive PG Tips Monkey Unboxing!

CeBIT 2007 might just be days away, but if you ask me the excitement is right here in my kitchen... oh yes, ladies and gentlemen, please be upstanding for SlashGear's exclusive unboxing of the PG Tips Monkey!


A combination box-set of 160 Theanine-rich triangular teabags and a small knitted monkey, this would make an ideal gift for anyone who enjoys tea and/or monkeys.

More unboxing photos after the cut!

Around four-inches high when seated, the Monkey has a bean-filled bottom to encourage him to stay upright.  Hand-made by Louis Kennedy, his charming mouth would be ideal to hold a small carrot or perhaps act as chapstick storage for your nightstand.

The PG Tips Tea & Monkey box-set costs around £2.93 ($5,66) from supermarkets.