SlashGear Evening Wrap-Up: May 3, 2012

Happy Thursday, everyone. Are you ready to see what made news in the world of tech today? Then get ready for a ride because it was a huge day. For starters, the jury is closing in on a verdict in Oracls vs Google case. That's something that would normally trigger a lot of discussion but it was far overshadowed because.....Samsung's Galaxy S III was officially announced. And, as if that wasn't enough, Facebook's IPO has been set at $11.8 billion.Featured: So yes, after months and months of hype, teases, speculation, and just all-around fervent coverage of what the Galaxy S III might be, we now know exactly what it is. You absolutely must check out our Samsung Galay S III event wrap-up to see exactly what this latest device brings to the table. It is packed with hands-on articles, news, opinions, and everything else you need to know about what was on display at this major event today.Blackberry 10, Eldero Scrolls, & Gaming Tablet: So believe it or not, there were other non-Galaxy S stories that made headlines today. To start off RIM confirms Scalado tech in Blackberry 10 camera. Also, if you're a gamer, this news is going to blow your mind – The Elder Scrolls Online MMO announced. And in other gaming news, Gaikai partners with Wikipad for world's first gaming tablet.