SlashGear comments system gets upgraded

If you've ever read any of the posts here on SlashGear and felt a violent desire to comment on them, then now is a great time to sign up for an account. Our hutch of well-trained web-gibbons have been hacking away at their keyboards and have managed to streamline the feedback process even more; gone is the occasionally pause-filled posting process some readers reported and in its place a slinky new system where tracking a user's multiple comments is made super-simple.

It's not just a technical exercise, either. Look out for competitions sometime in the not-so-distant future that will rely on comment votes for SlashGear giveaways. Of course, to be in with a chance of winning you'll need to be signed up and active, so get those opinionated brains of yours going!

As always, SlashGear is a "work in progress" and we're keen to hear from you any improvements that will help make this your first port of call for fresh tech news!