'Slain: Back From Hell' arrives on PlayStation 4 tomorrow

PlayStation 4 owners will have a new game to enjoy starting tomorrow: Slain: Back From Hell. The title, which is also heading to the PS Vita, brings an old-school style with side-scrolling action. In it, gamers play as Bathoryn, a 'doomed...grizzled warrior' who has been forced to action against his will in a battle against evil Lord Vroll's various stooges and underlings. A game discount will be available for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

According to Digerati Content Manager Christian Bliss, the game has been 'comprehensively augmented and refined' for the PlayStation 4. The studio behind the title aimed to bring classic hack and slash stylings with more modern and dynamic gameplay, the result of which is a game that may stir up feelings of nostalgia without bringing the less welcomed, limiting aspects of truly classic games.

Throughout the game, you'll be wielding a flaming blade, an ice axe (that is, an axe that is made from ice, not meant to cut through it), a mana magic described as being powerful, and a sword. The game will require you to think strategically when wielding these various weapons to make it through different challenges, the likes of which will try to burn you, skewer you, and generally terminate your life in grand gruesome fashion.

The pixelated artwork featured throughout the game is the brainchild of Andrew Gilmour; the game, in addition to all the death and brutality, include a pure heavy metal soundtrack created by former Celtic Frost band member Curt Victor Bryant. The game includes at least one instance of Bathoryn head banging.

Price will be $14.99 USD in the PS Store.

SOURCE: PlayStation Blog