Skyrim Portal crossover brings robots to the realm

Just this past week the folks at Bethesda released a Skyrim Creation Kit, one made to make developing strange modifications for the game as easy as pie. This week the team at Valve made full use of the kit to bring everyone's favorite Portal character to the medieval world of Skyrim – a robot, of course. This Space Core modification for Skyrim lands a lovely little personality core in your world and has you able to pick him up and kick him around like a football if you like.

Have a peek at the preview for this modification in the video below. It's not that this modification will bring you any sort of awesome futuristic abilities, but you will have a friendly little orb to help you fill the long walks across the plains. This Fall of the Space Core, Volume 1 modification will be just the first of many mods from the Valve crew as the "1" bit suggests. Can you imagine Skyrim full of Portal guns – the madness of dragons flying through the ground and out of the wall is too much to handle!

Head down to the Steam Workshop and check out the creation and get yourself in on the project. You simply MUST help out to bring this sort of crossover action to the game and future games if you ever want to see the ultimate battle to rule them all: dragons verses Batman in Skyrim. Of course there's a need for such a thing, what do you think this gaming universe is all about? There's also one whole heck of a lot more mods out there already – check them all out!

[via Steam Workshop]