Skype gets iPad Retina Display upgrade

Chris Davies - Mar 26, 2012, 8:52am CDT
Skype gets iPad Retina Display upgrade

Skype for iPad has been updated to work with the new iPad’s Retina Display graphics, though the video quality supported in the app itself still lags behind what many notebooks – including Apple’s own MacBook Pro – can offer. The free VoIP and video calling app, now at version 3.8, is still limited by the quality of the new iPad’s front-facing camera, which has been left unchanged from the iPad 2. That means it tops out at VGA quality, rather than 720p HD.

You still get free Skype to Skype voice and video calls, along with low-cost calls to landlines and cellphones if you add credit to your account. Both the front and back cameras on the new iPad can be used, and the app uses the SILK audio codec for what Skype describes as near-CD quality sound.

Alternatively you can turn your iPad into an oversized iPhone, getting a SkypeIn number for inbound calls. Apple obviously offers its own video calling functionality, in the shape of FaceTime, but unlike Skype that can only be used over WiFi connections.

You can find Skype for iPad here [iTunes link]. It’s an 18.5MB download, and a free app.

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