Skype for Windows Phone coming soon says Microsoft

There's been a bit of a tip from no less that Microsoft's own VP of products, Rick Osterloh, on what may very well be coming soon for their Windows Phone mobile platform: Skype! There are a select few applications out there that are so important that the very fact that they're being released on a new system is newsworthy, and Skype is certainly one of them. Microsoft recently acquired Skype (this past October) and has not been vocal about if or when they'd be creating their own version for Windows Phone made to run like a whip for your video chats galore.

It's in an interview conducted this past week, Osterloh revealed that Microsoft is "working on a Windows Phone product that will be coming out soon" in regards to Skype. The original promise for this combination of Windows Phone and video chat via SKype came back last year with Joe Belfiore, Director of Windows Phone, said the service would be coming in late 2011 to the platform. From what we're hearing now, the real deal Skype application may well be made for Windows Phone Apollo, whenever that comes out.

We've got a big event coming up next month in Barcelona with Mobile World Congress and Nokia has just dropped their full line of USA product for Windows Phone Mango here in the United States. Let's call this a possible early spring release? Or at least a late winter announcement. Get ready to chat, Windows Phone lovers! — Thanks to everyone who sent this in!