Windows Phone roadmap slips into the wild

A newly leaked Windows Phone roadmap has surfaced that gives a rough time frame for the launch for the coming versions of the OS. According to the roadmap the expected Tango flavor of WinPo for lower end devices will be launching in Q2 2012. The roadmap is supposedly up to date as of October 2011. That is a few months back now and things change quickly in the tech world.

Take these dates with a grain of salt. The roadmap also shows that Windows Phone Apollo will be launching in Q4 of 2012. Apollo is the update for the OS that is supposed to make the devices running Windows Phone more suitable for business users. Apollo is also said to be the code name for Windows Phone 8.

That Q4 launch would make the OS about a year after Windows Phone 7.5 or Mango launched. Windows Phone 8 is expected to bring support for LTE and NFC plus lots more. What do you think about the coming Windows Phone updates? Will they help Microsoft be a contender in the smartphone realm?

[via OddPattern]