Skype for Windows Phone 8 updated with "always on" feature

The final release of a completely rock-and-roll Skype app for Windows Phone 8 is upon us all, here this week with a new Preview Release that includes no less than call and message notifications even while closed. This is in contrast to the past where both users (on either end of the Skype call or message) had to have Skype open to make a connection. This update is coming to all Windows Phone 8 users starting today (if they've got Skype downloaded already, of course).

This update brings on the ability to call Skype users with your Skype account over wi-fi or your 3G connection for free. You can now make free video calls to anyone working with Skype, you can make "low cost" calls to any other human on the planet (they using a phone without Skype, in this case), and you can send instant messages to groups (as well as regular IMs now as well).

You can also sign in now with your Microsoft Account (not just a Skype account) and send instant messages with your buddies galore! This update requires Windows Phone 8 to run and requires a minimum of 512MB of memory to run effectively. The version you're updating to is numbered and wont take you one whole heck of a lot of time to download if you're working with wi-fi.

This update is still a preview, we must remind you once more, this is a preview release. They're not saying is a Beta, but it might as well be titled as such. Feel free to download this app at will, but be on the alert for bugs! Let us know how it goes for you!