Skype Continues to Hint at Video Calling on the Move

Earlier in the week, Skype had some documents find their way onto the Internet, of which a few of them seemed to outline the possibility that the company was getting ready to launch video calling on the iPhone. The fact that Verizon's name was included only helped to fuel the rumors and anticipation. And by now, we know that Skype will have some kind of video calling announcement to make in Las Vegas in just a few days, at CES 2011. But, the company isn't slowing down, and they've even launched a new "What's Next" page, where they're fine showing you all sorts of neat teases about what's to come.

The main takeaway of the site, in the video you can watch through the source link below, is that Skype is focusing on the whole "moving" thing. No longer will you have to be tied down to your computer at home, or your laptop. While there's no official announcement on the site, obviously, and there's no word on what type of devices we should expect to see in the (hopefully near) future, it's pretty clear that Skype is planning something on the mobile front.

It won't be too long before we have all the answers, but it's not helping that Skype is more than willing to continue to poke us with teases and taunts. Let's just hope it's something worthwhile.

[via Skype - What's Next]